A non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to training youth and young adults in the science and art of Olympic-style (amateur) boxing.

Volunteer Opportunities at BRC
  • Youth and Adult Programs
    • Learn to be an Olympic-style referee, judge, timekeeper, and/or clerk
    • Learn to coach youth or adults in boxing skills and strategies
    • Travel with Team BRC and work as a coach at shows and tournaments
    • Travel with Team BRC and work as an official at shows and tournaments, event work your way to becoming an international boxing official

    If you would like to volunteer at BRC, please come by the gym or call to make an appointment. No boxing experience necessary! All officials and coaches will be trained at BRC. Volunteers working as non-athletes (coaches and officials) are required to register with USA Boxing each year, and submit to the USAB background check.

    Nashville Boxing Resource Center