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and young adults in the science and art of Olympic-style boxing.

Boxing Resource Center Events

BRC boxers participate in local, regional, and national events, as announced at the gym.

  • Saturday, September 10 --
    USA Boxing Coaches' Certification Clinic

    Coaches may attend the clinic and test for Level I or Level II.
    Cost: free of charge
    Time: 8:30-1:00
    Registration: Coaches must register to attend by emailing or calling a volunteer at the gym. Clinician: Christy Halbert, Level IV Coach

Calendars and National Event Announcements

Online Local Calendar: www.southeastboxing.org

United States Boxing Calendar: www.usaboxing.org

2010 National Golden Gloves Championships, June 15-19 (Hollywood, FL)

2011 PAL Championships, Oct 1-8 (Toledo, Ohio)

Amateur Boxing News and Resources

USA Boxing 2008 Rulebook   
Boxer list form.

USA Boxing AAC and USAB Athlete Discussion Board

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